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Nichols 5-Step Approach
Driving results for clients is our mission and we do it every day, through every strategy we develop and marketing piece we create. The healthcare brands we serve experience measurable growth, achieve goals, and become the leading choice for patients thanks to our tried and true five-step process.

Step 1


We Pursue Actionable Insights
We value critical thinking. We ask probing questions because every healthcare practice, service line, and center of excellence has unique strengths and weaknesses. Our teams are skilled at gleaning insights from qualitative data that reveals patterns in patient attitudes and behaviors. We?re also adept at using observations from quantitative data sources to your advantage. All of this information results in remarkably targeted strategies and campaigns that resonate deeply with the patients you seek.

Step 2


We Measure the ROI of Marketing
We believe success is measurable. The only way to know whether or not your marketing is bringing you closer to the results you want is to measure the performance of every piece. Our commitment to tracking campaigns enables our clients to make informed decisions, respond quickly to data insights, take advantage of trends, seize new opportunities, and nip issues in the bud. It also empowers them to invest their budgets in the campaigns and channels that are producing results in line with growth goals.

Step 3


We Create Engaging Patient Experiences
We help clients build relationships. Nichols empowers oncology brands to form lasting connections with the patients they serve through beautifully executed brand experiences across all touchpoints. From messaging that cuts to the heart of a matter and images that inspire trust, to web and social experiences that convey compassion and authenticity; we understand the emotions that guide patient behavior and enable our clients to relate to patients with care and confidence.

Step 4


We Empower Brands to Grow
We use strategy to drive results. Disciplined and tactical, we plan for the success of the healthcare brands we serve by tying marketing performance to organizational goals. Moreover, we help brands develop unique personas that patients can easily recognize, relate to, and remember. Our research-based approach to building brands ensures your organization’s look and feel is on target with patient expectations and long-term growth goals.

Step 5


We Foster Mutually Rewarding Relationships
We inspire brand support. Great physician relationships require focused attention. Nichols deep experience in building and maintaining good working relationships with physicians empowers healthcare practices to transform doctors into brand advocates.Our physician-focused campaigns and referral rewards programs encourage doctors to recommend your practice, service line or center of excellence with increasing regularity.

Featured Case Study

Cameron Memorial Hospital

Designed and built with care
Cameron is an independent 25-bed critical access hospital located in northeast Indiana. A part of the community since 1926, people often overlooked how the hospital had progressed over the years. They reached out toNichols Brand Stories to work with them to raise awareness and showcase the hospital’s high-tech, modern facility offering high-quality care from experienced professionals.Nichols Brand Stories signed on as a creative partner to help Cameron get their message out to the community.

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