An Indiana-based marketing and advertising firm, Nichols Brand Stories has been around for 30 years. In that time, we’ve served clients across a variety of industries with targeted and effective marketing — industry-leading B2B, local B2C companies, small independent healthcare providers, large regional healthcare systems, global manufacturers, and singularly focused nonprofit organizations.

At Nichols Brand Stories, everything we do is designed to help your business grow and succeed. We work with you as a team to create a sound strategy, consistent messaging and targeted content that is calibrated and refined along the way. We want to grow with you, helping shape your messaging and marketing as your company’s needs and goals shift.

Featured Case Studies

Designed and built with care
AccuTemp is a leader in the professional cooking equipment industry. The Fort Wayne company designs and manufactures unique commercial kitchen products found in chain restaurants, schools, amusement parks, healthcare facilities, grocery stores and more. While AccuTemp’s products are dynamic, unique and cutting-edge, its branding had fallen a bit behind. That’s when they reached out to Nichols Brand Stories.

Cameron Memorial Community Hospital

Designed and built with care

Cameron is an independent 25-bed critical access hospital located in northeast Indiana. A part of the community since 1926, people often overlooked how the hospital had progressed over the years. They reached out to Nichols Brand Stories to work with them to raise awareness and showcase the hospital’s high-tech, modern facility offering high-quality care from experienced professionals. Nichols Brand Stories signed on as a creative partner to help Cameron get their message out to the community.

Don’t Take Our Word for It.

Listen to What Our Clients Have to Say.

“Nichols has done so much with us for so long. You might say they know our brand better than we do.”

Tommy Scruggs

SDI Flat Roll Group
General Manager Sales & Marketing

“The team at Nichols really understood what we needed to update our brand. The new look is fresh and innovative. It builds on our past rather than erasing it. The website they designed captures who AccuTemp is and the videos really let the quality of our products shine.”

John Pennington

Executive VP Territory Sales / Corporate Chef


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