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A marketing and advertising firm based in Fort Wayne, Nichols Brand Stories has been around for more than 25 years. In that time, we’ve served a wide variety of clients. However, we’ve built clear-cut expertise in three distinct areas – healthcare, B2B marketing and PR.

By turning our focus to these specific areas in which we’re already extremely knowledgeable and deeply experienced, we’ve further sharpened our skills and expertise. We’ve also aligned our resources to best serve these markets, including building the best creative and account service teams that not only possess deep marketing expertise, but also know these specific industries inside and out.

While Nichols Brand Stories continues to serve a variety of industries with targeted and effective marketing, we’re intently focusing on our client base in our three areas of expertise. One thing is for certain, regardless of how you connect with Nichols, we’ll find new, strategic and on-target ways to tell your unique brand story to those who need to hear it most.

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