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Cameron is an independent 25-bed critical access hospital located in northeast Indiana. A part of the community since 1926, people often overlooked how the hospital had progressed over the years. They reached out to Nichols Brand Stories to work with them to raise awareness and showcase the hospital’s high-tech, modern facility offering high-quality care from experienced professionals. Nichols Brand Stories signed on as a creative partner to help Cameron get their message out to the community.

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The Work

Starting Strong
We began working with Cameron Hospital halfway through their fiscal year, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t work together to develop a strategy to make a difference right away. Through various projects, including a TV spot featuring the hospital’s high-tech capabilities, the hospital found a way to make an impression. In fact, while working together for less than six months, Cameron rose a remarkable three percent in the Indiana Hospital Association’s inpatient preference data study. This placed Cameron in first place in their area, rising above a large regional health system.
Social Media
The social media strategy developed by the Nichols/Cameron team focuses on strengthening community ties while also touting the hospital’s technology and capabilities. One of the first tactics we developed was a blog that conveys useful and relevant information for the community as a whole. We also use organic postings, service-line specific ads and brand-awareness stories. A Facebook campaign for a nurse practitioner, which used A/B testing with performance analysis and strategic adjustments, resulted in a notable increase in response rates.
Oh Baby!
Together, the Nichols/Cameron team created a series of adorable and eye-catching service-line videos that were used to announce a new pediatrician and highlight family medicine capabilities.
The Foundation
The hospital also has a Foundation that helps support the hospital and its mission to improve the quality of life for those they serve through relationships focused on health and wellness. Working in conjunction with the Foundation, fund-raising literature was developed that told the Foundation’s story while breaking out of the typical brochure mold. The Foundation’s page was also moved to an online registration format that grew event attendance and contributions.

Get Positioned to Win

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