Don’t Get Caught Unprepared. What You Can Do NOW To Prepare For a PR crisis [DOWNLOAD CHECKLIST]

Managing a PR Crisis: A Social Media Checklist FREE DOWNLOAD

On social media, everything moves quickly. This is great when it comes to quick pay-offs on posts. However, when a company is facing a sudden PR crisis, that speed can be devastating on social media, when events can unfold nearly in real-time. Whether a company or brand weathers the crisis well or bungles it completely, it’s easy to think, “thank goodness that’s not me.” However, wishful thinking is not the way to survive a crisis. You need to plan ahead so you can make smart decisions and react with precision and speed.

Nichols Brand Stories has created a must-have social media checklist of how to manage a PR crisis

  • What you should do now to prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best
  • Critical steps your team needs to take during the crisis
  • How to engage with your audience before, during and after a crisis

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