Realigning Strategic Focus Post COVID-19

Around the world, governments, industries and people are continuing to adjust to life amid COVID-19. While no industry has gone untouched by the crisis, healthcare has undergone tremendous changes to adapt to the public’s needs. 

While the crisis is not over, plans are being made now that will determine how the industry moves forward. In the U.S., revised business models are leading to new conditions that healthcare organizations must address in their strategic planning.

The overall financial impact of the pandemic may be felt for a long time. In addition, some of the changes experienced by consumers may continue. Together, these two factors will bring about a new direction for marketing strategies for healthcare overall.

Eventually, healthcare providers at all levels will need to reexamine their healthcare strategy post-COVID-19. These are the areas we believe you should focus on first.

Prepare For The New Post COVID-19 Normal

We know that COVID-19 brought about substantial changes to everyday life. It also changed healthcare in ways that are not going to disappear with the virus. One of the largest of these is how healthcare technology is being used.

Medical providers across the healthcare spectrum need to recognize these changes and embrace them as they prepare for the future. Patients will not be ready to go back to the way things were before the pandemic. The “new normal” from a patient’s perspective must be considered in your post-COVID-19 strategy.

Reevaluate Priorities As Part of Your Post COVID-19 Strategy

In ways big and small, the coronavirus has changed how healthcare operates. This is evident in everything from tighter safety protocols to a sharper focus on the delivery of care.

All of these changes should have a substantial impact on your healthcare system’s priorities, especially as the industry eventually moves toward recovery. Plans that are developed today will help move healthcare out of the crisis faster.

The good news is that the healthcare industry overall has stepped up to meet the challenges COVID-19 has brought. The crisis is providing an opportunity for substantial overall improvements. In the end, healthcare has the potential to find itself stronger moving forward.

Technology Is Must in Any Healthcare Strategy Post COVID-19

When the United States went into lockdown, there was a huge spike in the use of medical services provided remotely via telehealth. It was larger than anyone anticipated. In fact, analysis from the health data nonprofit FAIR Health determined that in April of 2020, telehealth was more than 8,000% higher than April 2019. 

Telehealth is nothing new. However, the accelerated use during the pandemic brought about faster acceptance of the technology by patients. The tipping point for telehealth came once patients became comfortable with the technology. In the future, it is likely that virtual healthcare will become the norm.

Telehealth is just one example of growing technology. As healthcare delivery shifts overall, the investment in technology by providers will also have to change. As you plan your post-COVID-19 strategy, technology and the spending that comes along with it is a must. In the long run, these investments will pay off as patients will look for providers who can offer all types of healthcare delivery methods.

Nichols Can Help with your Post COVID-19 Strategy

While no one can anticipate what every aspect of life will be like after COVID-19, our experience as healthcare consultants does give us clues to how healthcare marketing will look. If you have any questions about prioritizing your post-COVID-19 healthcare strategy, let us help.  

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