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200th Build. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fort Wayne unites volunteers and local investors with qualified families to build safe, stable and affordable homes in the area. When the nonprofit organization was approaching a major milestone, they asked Nichols Brand Stories to help promote it. Our custom built solution went way beyond their expectations.
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The Project

Nearly 30 years after it was established locally, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fort Wayne was approaching a major milestone, the building of its 200th house. The organization relies on volunteers to actually build the houses. Even with this exciting achievement, the people at Habitat felt that
many people didn’t know about the work they were doing in Fort Wayne. They thought this was the perfect opportunity to promote themselves. However, rather than simply announce the achievement, Nichols Brand Stories decided to show Fort Wayne just how easy it was for everyone to get involved in a build.

The Details

At Nichols Brand Stories, we thought it was crucial to do something unexpected to garner more attention for Habitat and their 200th build. So instead of bringing people out to the build site, we brought the build site to downtown Fort Wayne. We set up a build site at One Summit Square, a high traffic area of downtown. Weeks before the event, we contacted downtown businesses to create teams of employees to spend their lunch hour to help build a house, which demonstrated just how fun and easy it is to work with Habitat. Volunteers worked on building walls for the 200th house which were then transported to the official site at the end of the day.
The client was thrilled with the number of volunteers who came to help. Of course constructing a house in the middle of a busy downtown attracts plenty of attention. Large groups of people stopped what they were doing to watch, giving the organization an excellent opportunity to grow two important audiences, donors and volunteers.

Nichols Brand Stories made sure the media was there as well, along with local community leaders. We also created attention-getting signage and t-shirts for all participants. By taking what could have been a routine promotion and turning it into a fun, attention-getting event that literally stopped traffic, Nichols Brand Stories created an unforgettable and successful day for a great cause.

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