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As a new cancer care center entered the market, long-time local facility, Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology, needed to showcase their superior experience.
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The Campaign

While Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology (FWMOH) had been providing outstanding cancer care for decades, however they never need much marketing because so many area providers recommended them to patients. Their needs for marketing changed once a large regional healthcare system, which had previously sent patients to FWMOH, was opening their own cancer center.

To emphasize FWMOH’s longevity, understanding of cancer care and commitment to patients,Nichols Brand Storiescare created a campaign wrapped around experience and hope.

“Experienced in Hope” featured real patients telling their own personal stories of the care they received at FWMOH. By showing the wide range of the age of patients, the types of cancer they faced and treatments they received, the overall message of experience came through strongly.

Nichols Brand Strories used uplifting, empowering photographs of the patients to create powerful online ads. Demographic and geographic data was used to ensure the digital ads targeted the right audiences – who were then led directly to the website which featured videos of patients’ personal stories. Nichols Brand Storiescare also created inspiring outdoor boards to reinforce the digital campaign.

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