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“We knew we had a great product. But we weren’t sure how to get noticed in a crowded market. Nichols took the lead, laid the groundwork, then gave us a creative launch that made a big splash – we could hit the ground running.”
David Tumbleson, Owner Eco2Blast
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The Challenge

Getting noticed in an industry where they weren’t known.
A successful manufacturer of cleaning systems, Aqua Blast had a revolutionary new product designed for CO2 users. This was an entirely different market for them. Not knowing where to start, they called Nichols Brand Stories.

Nichols jumped into the project, starting with developing a unique name that spelled out what made the product special. A fresh look and a branding story that clearly outlined product benefits quickly followed. Focusing on the positive environmental impact of the new products, the branding had a clean, fresh, “green” look.

The strategy hinged on making a big splash throughout the industry. So Nichols set our sights on the industry’s biggest trade show to introduce the new product line. We created a vibrant booth filled with branding messages that stood out from the crowd.

The momentum from the show was maintained with eye-catching printed materials and a brand new website.

The Results

The trade show booth was a great success. Eco2Blast set up meetings with 29 of the 32 manufacturers present. That’s a 91% return. The entire campaign resulted in Eco2Blast going from an unknown newcomer to a rising star within the industry.



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