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Rebranding. Brightpoint is a community organization that helps communities, families and individuals remove the causes and conditions of poverty. They turned to Nichols Brand Stories to help navigate the difficult challenge of a new name.

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The Project

CANI (Community Action of Northeast Indiana), had helped serve the people of northeast Indiana for decades. However, the organization’s leadership decided to change the name from CANI to better fit its vision, mission and goals.
After a complete rebranding by Nichols, including the name change, Nichols Brand Stories was in charge of launching the new look and name to the Brightpoint team, its clients and the general public.

The Details

The internal launch included several meetings and presentations facilitated by the Nichols Brand Stories team. We provided talking points for every employee so they not only understood the reasons behind the new name, but could also pass the information along to family and friends. Nichols Brand Stories spearheaded a large media event. We handled every aspect from planning, site selection, media attendance, general public invitations, and made sure prominent local dignitaries such as city council members and the mayor were present.
We provided marketing materials, site graphics and press kits. We also gave media training tips and talking points to the day’s speakers to ensure all messaging was clear, concise and consistent.

The rebranding launch event was a huge success with a large attendance and plenty of media coverage. What was even more successful was the increase in brand awareness, including the new name, and a noticeable jump in community engagement with Brightpoint and donations to the charitable organization.

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