Blogging: 6 Tips to Crown Your B2B Brand as a Market Segment Leader

In today’s busy and crowded digital marketplace, B2B blogging is a smart strategy and platform to help you stand out from the crowd. It is an excellent way to connect with your target customers and grow your online audience while increasing the awareness of your brand.

According to a LinkedIn survey, 86 percent of customers said they would engage with vendors who offered knowledge or insights about their industry. And blogging is a simple, cost-efficient alternative to provide such insights to your target consumers.

With these six tips, you can be sure you’re delivering relevant content to your target audience. But, are you writing blogs for the sake of it, or do you have a workable strategy to turn your blog into a tool for your business’s success?

The following strategies can help guide your blog and leverage it to drive sales that boost your business.

1. Use Strong Headlines & SEO-Friendly Content

HubSpot indicates that B2B marketers who use a blog attract 67 percent more leads than those who do not. And the more a prospect has contact with your website, the higher the chances they will convert. As such, you may want to consistently put out high-value content to generate and maintain quality leads.

However, regular blogging is only half of the equation, attracting an audience to your blog is the other half. To make your work more searchable, craft strong and eye-catching headlines that carry the keywords that are used by visitors when they search for content related to your business.

Consider also segmenting your blogs with standard headings and subheadings (H1, H2, H3) to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Well-written and thoughtfully positioned headlines are an ideal way to generate quality traffic and drive shares leading to more sales.

2. Share Industry Expertise to Add Value and Build Trust

Blogging is a great way to establish meaningful relationships with your online audience. The relaxed, informal nature of blogs allows you to easily engage with your customer base and inform them about your company and the products and services you offer. It also gives you a sneak peek into their pain points and preferences.

Think about writing blogs that highlight customer needs, industry insights, projects, and tutorials that portray your industry expertise while adding value to readers. Blog posts that focus on such topics present an excellent avenue for you to showcase your experience without losing touch with your customers’ needs. This fosters transparency and gives your online audience a clear understanding of your company, thus inspiring customer trust.

Important B2B Blogging Tips:

  • In your blogs, seek to engage your audience by asking and answering questions
  • Strive to prove industry expertise rather than just telling blank stories
  • Carefully evaluate and respond to reader’s feedback and concerns
  • Use a positive tone in your blogs
  • Create options for sharing your blogs on social media
  • Link to other blogs on your website

3. Establish Your B2B Brand Using a Unique Voice and Style

While other marketing methods are important, B2B blogging gives a unique opportunity to promote your business. Blogs allow you to share a different aspect of your brand—a personal and unique side that customers can’t see through traditional marketing methods.

Blogs allow you to share your unique personality, goals, values, and vision, thus making your business resonate with target customers. The more comfortable the reader is with you, the more likely they are to reach out when they are ready to buy. Identify the voice you want for your content and play with the tone as well. Your tone should be authentic to you and be consistent from post to post.

Depending on your industry and audience, you can choose witty and humorous blogs or maybe a more heartfelt and serious tone. Whatever you choose, stick to your style and dwell on topics that truly define you and your business.

4. Boost Your Website Traffic

According to HubSpot, businesses that use blogs receive 55 percent new visitors and 97 percent more inbound links to their website. Try to create relevant and quality blog content to give your target audience a compelling reason to visit your website on a regular basis.

The more informative, personable, and useful your blogs are, the more regular site visitors you will have.

Important Website Tips:

  • Offer free tools and downloads
  • Produce insightful and dependable industry news and tips
  • Provide links to related blog posts
  • Reshare content on social media

5. Share New Insights and Showcase Your Industry Expertise

Everyone wants to be ranked as a leading brand in their industry— who doesn’t want to shoot for the stars? Writing blogs is a good way for you to position yourself as an expert in your respective sector. Regardless of your business’s size, you can develop thought leadership and become a voice in your industry by researching key topics and sharing new insights with your target audience.

Although credibility will take time to build, you will gradually become a reliable go-to resource if you stay consistent and motivated. You will need to add new trends and unique tips to the conversation.

Ensure to understand your niche market and challenge yourself to evaluate hot topics from a different viewpoint. In addition, do not shy from digging into difficult topics. Fresh and frequent content improves your website’s visibility on search engines while intriguing your audience.

6. Write Passionately to Inspire Engagement

Your B2B blogging efforts are in vain if no one is going to engage with your content. The success of your blogs relies on the level of engagement with the audience. And the secret to engage your audience, and consequently strengthen your brand, is to write passionately. Your audience can tell whether you truly care about what you are writing.

On the flip side, when infused with passion, a blog is an unbeatable platform to showcase your love for your work and industry in a controlled and influential manner. Be proactive and look for new and actionable insights to share. Genuine passion shows through your writing and draws your readers’ attention.

Important Engagement Tips:

  • Take a solid stance and fearlessly share your expert opinions
  • List the blog topics you genuinely care about
  • Consider sharing common mistakes and pitfalls in your industry
  • Write your experiences and lessons you have learned
  • Write about success stories, both for your business and clients

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