2021 Marketing Trends for Healthcare

Here we are looking at a new year. The entire world seems ready to turn the page on 2020. As we look forward to a better 2021, our focus atNichols Brand Storiescare is on what to expect for healthcare marketing.

Overall, we believe 2021 will be a year of transitions as we all work to emerge from the pandemic and the financial crisis it caused. Of course, this past year taught us that no one can predict the future. However, atNichols Brand Storiescare, we have singled out a few healthcare marketing trends for 2021 that we’re confident will happen.

2021 Healthcare Marketing Trends: The COVID-19 Impact

Yes, the vaccine is now being distributed. But that doesn’t mean the virus is going away overnight. The same is true about the lasting effects of COVID-19 on healthcare and healthcare marketing. The impact of COVID-19 will be felt for years. Once the vaccine takes effect and we all go back to business as usual, the healthcare industry will still be reeling.

On the positive side, the pandemic has ushered in some much-needed change and advancements. However, it has also exposed some ugly weaknesses throughout the industry. It will be up to healthcare leadership to embrace changes and build on the successes born of the crisis.

2021 Healthcare Marketing Trends: Continued Leadership from Healthcare Providers

The nation as a whole turned to medical professionals for leadership during the COVID-19 crisis. Now, moving forward, healthcare marketing should follow this same playbook.

A vaccine will soon be provided to the public. However, positive virus tests are at an all-time high. It is up to healthcare leaders to provide clear and calm guidance and education throughout 2021. Patients and the general public need to know they can trust those in the healthcare industry – especially its leadership throughout the crisis and beyond.

2021 Healthcare Marketing Trends: Telemedicine is Here to Stay

Prior to 2020, telemedicine was making inroads to patient care. But it was a slow process. The shutdown of early 2020 forced people who may have been hesitant to try it. Many patients who tried telehealth found it convenient and enjoyed the process overall. A survey from Sykes found that two-thirds of respondents said the pandemic has increased their willingness to try virtual care.

Due to the success of telemedicine, we expect its use to continue to grow. In turn, we also expect the marketing of telemedicine to be a major healthcare marketing trend of 2021.  Private practices and hospitals need to incorporate plans to leverage telemedicine as part of their patient offerings.

While no one can anticipate what every aspect of life will be like after COVID-19, experience does give us clues to marketing trends for healthcare. If you have any questions about your 2021 marketing plans, let us help.

To get started, or simply to have a conversation, please reach out to me anytime at MKlein@WeTellYourStory.com. Here’s to a safe and healthy 2021!