4 Ways Nonprofit Videos Can Inform and Inspire

Oct 15, 2018 - Maggie Bakle

Marketing in the nonprofit sector can be challenging. Most organizations want to retain a donor group, while attracting new donors and supporters. The concept sounds simple enough. However, the challenge comes in when you consider that all of the nonprofits in the area are competing for new donors, too. So, the goal then becomes to set your organization apart from the others.

How can we do this? An updated website? Social media ads? Direct mailers? Newsletters? At Nichols, we do anything we can to set you apart from the competition. But, we understand limited funds can constrain fulfilling a full creative effort.

Attracting and retaining new donors can have its limitations. If you’re looking for an effective and attention-grabbing marketing tactic to appeal directly to your audience, it’s hard to go wrong with video. Here’s why:

Video lets people know who you are

In the matter of 90 seconds, a video can highlight your organization and why it matters. This is your opportunity to share the nonprofit’s mission, vision and introduce its history in a way that will resonate with your donor base and beyond.

Video creates opportunity to spread awareness

You can’t retain new donors without educating them first. Video caters to this need. The visual story can keep an audience’s attention while educating them on the scope of the issue, and why it needs their attention. Take a second to explain what contributing to the cause could mean for donors in the long run, too.

Video tells the story of your organization’s impact

It can be hard to translate the impact that a financial gift can have on your organization and its programs. Video allows you to highlight the life-changing effects your nonprofit has on its clientele and how every dollar has helped.

Elaborate on the full effects that your nonprofit can have on the surrounding community. Highlight success stories, utilize infographics, but keep it clean and easy to follow.

Video motivates your donors

Lastly, video allows you to inspire action. Not just for financial giving, but also to increase volunteers. By keeping your message clear, direct, meaningful, and informative viewers may be inspired to learn or do more to help your nonprofit’s mission become a reality.

Nichols knows nonprofits, and we know video. Here’s an example of our latest work with Lutheran Social Services of Indiana.

Need help telling your nonprofit story? Send us a message, and we’d be happy to help!