DO IT LIVE! 6 Reasons LIVE Streaming on Social Media is a Must

Nov 13, 2019 - Ryan Black

Live streaming is extremely popular, and it continues to grow every day. By 2016, it had already become a $30-billion industry. By 2021, live streaming content is projected to more than double, becoming a $70-billion industry. And it makes sense. People spend triple the time watching Facebook LIVE videos compared to pre-recorded videos. Here are six reasons why your business or organization should be live streaming on social media.

Facebook Treats Live Streaming Better than Other Content

Since Facebook started rolling out live videos in 2015, it’s been clear to marketers that live video is given preference over all other forms of content on the platform. That means a live video is simply more likely to show up on a user’s News Feed than other posts, pictures, or videos. That increased attention on live videos can be extremely beneficial to businesses on the platform looking to connect with potential customers. Furthermore, In a 2018 announcement, Mark Zuckerberg wrote, “ videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos.”

Of course, Facebook and other social media platforms change their news feed algorithms regularly. But, the value of live video is unlikely to drop anytime soon. After a recent Facebook update, well-known social media platform Hootsuite stated, “As far as we can tell, videos are still favored under the new algorithm, but live videos will be even more important.”

Live Video Content is Easily Repurposed

After a live stream is complete and posted, there are numerous opportunities to repurpose the video into other content.

If your video features a company leader speaking, pull one of their best lines and turn it into a quote graphic for social media. Maybe you end up filming a great conversation that goes on for 20 minutes. If so, you could cut that into a podcast, or transcribe the entire conversation for SEO purposes. The video could also be resized and posted to various social media sites. We definitely recommend sending your best content to your email subscribers as well, or using it as part of a funnel for new business opportunities.

Live Video Engagement is Above Average

Live streaming video is the preferred content type for Facebook users. According to, 80% of people would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog. Furthermore, 82% of people prefer a brand’s live video content to their social posts.

Users really will engage. Facebook LIVE videos generate comments at 10 times the rate of pre-recorded videos posted to the platform. People like watching videos online so much that there’s talk that Instagram (owned by Facebook) may soon unveil a co-watching feature, which would allow users to discover Instagram videos together.

Companies have even compared the performance of live videos to pre-recorded videos on their own pages. After comparing the performance of their own live videos versus recorded videos, The Social Media Lab by Agorapulse was “100% confident that Facebook LIVE video will get you not only more reach, but more engagement than uploading a video to your business page.”

Live Video Provides Opportunities for Customer Feedback

Because of the excellent engagement Facebook LIVE videos receive, they are useful opportunities to earn customer feedback. Don’t be afraid to ask and answer direct questions from your customers during a live stream. And, never shy away from using customer feedback to improve your brand positioning or buyers’ journey.

Feedback is so useful on live stream videos that its use has extended far beyond traditional B2C or B2B sales. It’s even been effective in American politics. In 2018, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez livestreamed herself building IKEA furniture. It became a viral hit. That same year, Beto O’Rourke became well known nationwide for his live streams, culminating in a dentist visit that many deemed TMI — proving that it is possible to go live too often on social media. There’s no doubt O’Rourke heard that feedback, as the Internet collectively hated his live dentist appointment content.

Live Stream Viewers Love Authenticity

One of the primary factors that elevates live video above other forms of content is authenticity. When live streaming video, the audience can trust they are seeing and hearing the true story. There are no misleading edits or redoing of lines. What you see is what you get.

Further, according to INC, “Unlike regular recorded video, which is edited, scripted, scrubbed, tight, and mostly errorless — live video is raw, intimate, uncut, transparent, and authentic.” People love authenticity, especially millennials. A staggering 90% of millennials say authenticity is important when deciding which brands to support. Because of the craving for authenticity, the risk of making an error while live streaming is vastly outweighed by the rewards, which can be measured in brand loyalty, new customers, and connecting with a generation whose buying power is constantly on the rise.

People Really Enjoy Video on Social Media

The graph below, provided by Hubspot, tells you everything you need to know about what the content users actually want to see more of on social media. So go ahead, turn the camera on to yourself, and speak directly to your followers. It’s the content customers want. And, it’s the content that will turn your followers into paying customers.

people want more video content according to survey

What other benefits come with live streaming on social media? Let us know in the comments below. And if you need help building your social media presence, including live video, send me an email anytime at