5 Steps to Ramp Up Your LinkedIn for Better Campaign Results

Sep 16, 2019 - Lauren Rich

Let’s face it. As much as some of us would like, social media can’t be ignored. And while Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Shapchat are usually the topic of conversation, they might not be the best platform for your brand or industry. That’s where LinkedIn comes into play.

Sure, most professionals have a LinkedIn account, and a majority of businesses do, too. Unfortunately, many sit dormant with outdated information, leading to missed opportunity. Just how big is that missed opportunity?

In 2018, B2B companies said that 80% of new social leads came from LinkedIn. Not only is LinkedIn generating leads for these companies, but 65% of B2B companies say that they have acquired at least one new customer through the platform.

Sounds good, right? While a strong advertising campaign is one key to success on LinkedIn, there’s more that goes into the setup than just typing in your credit card information. To run a strong social media advertising campaign, you must first establish a presence on the desired platform. Here are 5 tips for preparing your company page for a LinkedIn Campaign.

Upgrade your display pictures

First impressions matter. A unique and strong design will allow your LinkedIn page to stand out from the rest. Updating your company profile picture and header image may be just the thing you need to get more potential leads to take notice.

Rewrite your overview

Having a well written overview that captures the essence of your company is just as important as visuals. Teach your page visitors about your company. Consider it your digital elevator pitch.

Fill out your profile. All of it

Location, company size, and specialties are just a few of the items listed on your overview. Take a look at your profile and see what information you can add to appeal to your target demographic. And don’t forget to differentiate your company for the competition.

Post consistently

Once you’ve brought your profile up to speed, it’s time to start posting. Consistent content not only builds credibility, but also helps establish who you are as a company. We recommend you post once or twice a week.

Get your employees involved

What good does a well-written LinkedIn post do if no one is there to share it? Encourage employees to get involved with your page by liking and sharing content. Remember, one like could reach 500+ prospects. If seen by the right company, you might just have a new lead.

Struggling with creating the best LinkedIn page for your company? Need help with developing a content strategy? Contact us to see how we can help get your company started.