3 Ways To Spice Up Your Annual Report

Sep 16, 2019 - Matt Klein

At my high school, every senior dreaded one thing about English class ­— the Hour-Long. Unless you went to South Side High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, you probably aren’t familiar with this assignment. The Hour-Long referred to a 60 minute presentation and a 15-20 page written report on an assigned book. The senior requirement was a significant portion of the semester grade and led to many sleepless nights for a large number of students. The golden nugget that no one ever talked about in regard to the assignment? It really wasn’t that difficult. Especially if you took a creative approach to how you made your presentation.

Similarly, a corporate annual report can be viewed like the dreaded Hour-Long. Yes, it is necessary to provide the overview of the financial standing of the company on an annual basis. But, how you present that information is up to you. An annual report can be an opportune moment to tell the story and share the vision of where your company is headed.

Each annual report is a unique expression of your company or organization. There are many ways to summarize this information, but here are three effective strategies Nichols uses:

1. Easy-to-follow infographics to summarize data.

2. Compelling photographs to demonstrate your impact.

3. A short video that highlights your previous year and casts a vision for future plans.

Your annual report should not be looked at as a laborious chore, but rather a great opportunity to creatively share the vision of your organization and the steps you’ve taken in the past year to reach those goals.

For over 25 years, Nichols has been working with Fortune 500 companies and non-profits to tell their stories with effective and engaging annual reports.

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