Rebranding Adds a Fresh Look

Dec 12, 2019 - Mary Kinder

Rebranding has been on our minds lately at Nichols. We’ve already discussed timing and brand checkups. Now we’re excited to show off a bit with the latest rebrand we cooked up.

AccuTemp is a leader in the professional cooking equipment industry. The Fort Wayne company designs and manufactures unique commercial kitchen products found in chain restaurants, schools, amusement parks, healthcare facilities, grocery stores and more. While AccuTemp’s products are dynamic, unique and cutting-edge, its branding had fallen a bit behind. The established company needed a refresh to showcase its modern approach without straying too far from its roots.

After a thorough brand checkup and plenty of research, we began the rebranding process with a new look that is stands apart from the industry’s competitive landscape. AccuTemp’s new logo is now updated with a touch of gray and a vibrant gold which stands out from competitors and distinguishes AccuTemp as “the gold standard” in the industry. The “A” in the name features a modern slant with sharp edges which mimics a checkmark.


The revised logo is incorporated into a bold, new identity package that mirrors the company’s innovative products. We also went the extra mile to create updated product labeling that carries the new logo through to each and every customer touchpoint.


Finally, everything comes together in an updated website that focuses on the products and features plenty of mouth-watering food to get visitors’ attention. Great photography with dramatic lighting and interesting angles showcases the high-quality products AccuTemp is known for. The new website also makes great use of new video that showcase the rebranded design, as well. The website also features a lot of information for both potential and existing customers. However, throughout the entire web design process, we focused on a streamlined design, so users can quickly and easily navigate the site and access the information they want.

With the new look comes an updated voice for the brand that is straight-forward and more customer-focused. The website features simple navigation and lots of information that can be found quickly from multiple entry points.


The best part is that our client is ecstatic about the results. The entire AccuTemp team is excited to show-off its new website and share the updated look with customers. And, judging from the enthusiastic response at an important industry tradeshow, the fresh rebrand is a big success.