How to create a successful B2B hiring campaign

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you should by now know that the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the employment landscape. So, how should your business change its approach to attracting potential job candidates?  The job market is still recovering from the damage of COVID-19, even though the United States’ unemployment rate has fallen from 14.8% in April 2020 to 5.4% in July 2021.

Numerous businesses—across every industry—have closed, and many workers are jobless due to the pandemic comparable to the Great Depression. While the economic loss is widespread, the intensity varies significantly between localities, sectors, and demographic groups.

Urban and coastline areas recorded the most considerable reductions. Restaurants and taxicab services were among the sectors that saw the most significant drops. Differences in locality and industry drove variations in demographic groups.

The current job market has different talents and skills than it once did. If you want to grow your business, recruit top talent. Outlining the right strategies will enable you to get suitable candidates. Investing in a hiring campaign allows you to position your business or organization to attract a specific target audience who wants to identify with your brand positively.

Businesses must now, more than ever, focus on how to approach the hiring process creatively.


1) Start with SMART Goals

Set these goals before constructing the hiring campaigns; these goals should increase the response rate of your job post.

Specific — What are you striving to accomplish?

Measurable — How do you know when you’ve accomplished it?

Achievable — Is it practically possible to accomplish?

Realistic — Is it feasible?

Time-based — When do you want to do it?


2) Select your target audience and specific qualifications that will bring value to your company

You want to hire someone who will provide value to your business while still adhering to the existing objectives. State clearly to prospective hires what you can do to attract top talent who are a good fit for your company.

Let them know what you have to offer and how it will benefit them. It will make it easier for your target market to identify with your company. To screen out your candidates, you’ll need to use structured interview questionnaires. You will obtain the most closely matching credentials for the open position as a result of this effort.

Recruitment takes time. Committing sufficient time to the front end of the hiring process will reduce new hires’ failure rates resulting in more consistent staff and less team turnover.


3) Use methods that meet your candidates where they are

Technology offers various social distancing methods for interacting with your candidates.

You can use social media for networking, one-on-one conversations, and posting content that shows your company culture; it is an opportunity to promote your company favorably. Before accepting interviews or job offers, many top candidates look for feedback on various social media networks. They are concerned about how you treat your employees. Therefore, positive branding and employee reviews are valuable assets that can help you attract top personnel.

It is not what you use but how you use it

Getting creative might mean leaning on traditional out-of-home (OOH) recruiting methods, such as billboards to grab commuters’ attention and drive online traffic.

According to Neilsen’s OOH Online Activation Survey, OOH is the most effective conventional (or offline) medium for driving internet traffic, with up to four times more online activity per dollar invested than TV, radio, or print. In other words, adopting OOH ads for recruitment is an intelligent approach to boost your different online and offline recruitment strategies with a bit of extra marketing strength.

Even though many people continue to work from home, commuter traffic has steadily increased in recent months. It means that individuals are not only moving around more than they were during the pandemic, but they are also out in the everyday world, where OOH advertising might reach them.


Most job seekers search for the job title, so it is essential that you be specific and concise. Although carefully worded advertisements can assist in attracting qualified professionals to your job vacancies, as an employer, there is much you can do to ensure that potential candidates find your job postings on the web.

The first step is to create a captivating job description that will attract the best prospect to examine and apply for your vacancy. Because most people look for jobs by job title, rating and webpage placement are crucial for placing your job in front of the best prospects.

Keep the title simple, brief, and compatible with other job names on the market; be informative, and leave the innovation for the job description. Highlight the ideal candidate’s personality traits, as well as future career routes. List all qualifications, relevant experience, and educational training, and indicate mandatory or preferable. Instead of writing a job description so broad that everyone in the market applies and you’re stuck sorting through dozens of the wrong kinds of applications, you’ll instead qualify out the unsuitable candidates. Think of your candidates as customers and sell them the value of working for your company. Begin with a compelling opening paragraph that outlines whom you’re seeking, what they’ll be doing, and why they should desire the job.


Hire Nichols Brand Stories to Help Find the Right Hire

Investing in a hiring campaign can yield quality candidates and quality candidates who will invest in your company and its success. Nichols Brand Stories can help create a custom, strategic hiring campaign focused on your target audience, emphasizing what your company offers job candidates.

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