New year. New look?

Sep 16, 2019 - Paul Ryan

Every January, everyone starts talking about reinventing themselves with new routines and refreshed outlooks. So, is this the time to talk about rebranding your company, too? We talked to Nichols creative director Paul Ryan about his thoughts on rebranding.

First, what is rebranding?

Paul: Rebranding is developing a new look and feel for an established company. But that doesn’t always mean throwing everything out and completely starting over. Some of the most successful rebranding effort are little tweaks to a logo that makes it feel fresh again, while remaining familiar to consumers.

Why and when should a company rebrand?

Paul: There are many reasons for a rebrand. If something has changed within the company, such as a new direction or added services, that’s a great time to look at your identity because the demographics may change. People might be seeing your brand for the first time. But most often, brands simply start looking dated. If you haven’t updated your look for years, a refreshed look will help your company seem innovative and modern.

Here’s a look at a few rebranding efforts you’ll recognize from 2017 and 2018.

What is your favorite part of the rebranding process?

Paul: I love the research. Looking at what other brands have done and discovering trends. I like to discover new inspiration and finding a way to make a good logo even better. The best part for me is seeing everything come together – the materials, how the new look is used, seeing it in new formats. That’s very rewarding and exciting for clients, too.

What tips can you give companies who may be considering a rebrand?

Paul: First of all, don’t get stuck on an outdated logo. Do a little research and look at some national brands and how their look as continued to change subtly over time. If you are too close to be objective, get some insight and opinions from others, like your agency. Good art directors know how to update, modernize and refresh a brand without losing sight of its origins.

What is a favorite rebrand you have done with Nichols?

Paul: Actually, I have one that we are in the middle of right now. We can’t show it quite yet, but we are excited to unveil it soon. I’ll keep you posted.

Check back here soon to see our client’s rebrand unveiled.