Inside Nichols - An Intern's Perspective

Apr 30, 2019 - Lauren Rich

This spring, Nichols was lucky enough to welcome a pretty cool intern to our team. Renee Robinson walked through the Nichols’ door in January with a smile on her face and the determination to learn as much as she could. The graphic design major, set to graduate this May from the University of Saint Francis, was able to sit down with me and discuss her internship. See what she had to say about her Nichols’ experience.


Renee Robinson:

Coming into my internship, I didn’t really know what to expect. At school we’re encouraged to talk to alumni and our classmates about their experiences; they’re all so different! I definitely kept an open mind and tried not to set an agenda. However, I didn’t expect to be right in the middle of the creative action.

When I walked in to the Nichols office I was surprised to see my desk. Not only did I get two screens, but I was sitting right next to the creative team. To my left was Mary Kinder, copywriter, and behind me were Paul Ryan, creative director, and Gregory Lass, art director. This gave me the unique opportunity to sit in on their impromptu brainstorm sessions. Definitely not something I had the chance to experience in a class setting. While I was sitting with the creative team, I was also able to ask questions and for their guidance on projects. It was nice because I was actually able to work independently, then get input directly from the creative director.

The work is another aspect that surprised me. I worked on various projects big and small. Any given day I could be working on social media graphics, typesetting, photo editing, or even photography!

Blog-Graphics_Renee_Page_1.jpg#asset:1893Renee's photography of Nichols projects used on our website.

One of my favorite projects was a job for the Indiana Non-Public Education Association (INPEA). I was able to design a cover and logo for the event that’s taking place this September. The best part was it came back with no revisions! That was a really cool feeling to be handed such a big project as an intern and have it approved by the client. Now I can add it to my portfolio.

Untitled-design-54.png#asset:1898INPAC logo and materials designed by Renee

From my time spent at Nichols, I can say that they are an experienced team that works to build brands that stand out using creative marketing, both print and digital. Being able to work with them gave me a chance to see how all the different parts of an agency flow together.

And, they’re pretty fun.


Our team will miss seeing Renee around the office but are excited for her next steps. In the coming month she will be busy working part time, graduating from college and finishing up a children’s book with an author from her hometown of Celina, Ohio.

You can connect with Renee on LinkedIn here.