The Lutheran Schools Partnership

Case Study

Before working with Nichols, 18 separate Lutheran schools throughout northeast Indiana conducted their student-recruitment and marketing efforts individually. The schools rarely worked together and often competed against one another for students and teachers. Nichols came alongside The Lutheran Schools Partnership to help change the culture.


The first step was to create a single, unifying brand for The Lutheran Schools. Nichols positioned all of the schools as safe places where students receive high-quality, faith-based education. Next we created strong annual marketing campaigns that sold the overall benefits of a Lutheran education. We made the most of a modest budget by developing multi-channel advertising campaigns that reached potential students and parents on a variety of marketing platforms.


Nichols also helped all of the schools to plan and organize open houses to launch their annual enrollment cycles. Each school received individualized marketing tools consistent with The Lutheran Schools branding, including customized posters, postcards and other materials. Today, The Lutheran Schools Partnership continues to act as a unifying force to strengthen all participating schools.