Summit Hearing Solutions

Case Study


When Summit Hearing Solutions came to us for help with their marketing needs, they lacked a consistent brand identity and advertising strategy. We cleaned up their look and developed a carefully planned marketing approach, helping them cut through the clutter so future clients could hear their success stories loud and clear.


Our first step in developing an effective advertising campaign for Summit Hearing Solutions was a thorough analysis of their marketing materials and advertising efforts. This research revealed a lack of consistency in their visual identity and advertising approach. We set to work, creating a new, clean look and establishing clear guidelines for their visual identity and branding messages. Next, we developed a complete and carefully controlled advertising campaign, including a patient testimonial microsite, direct mail and media buys, signage, social media, and a series of TV and radio commercials, all communicating one clear message to their target audience.


With their new, clean look and consistent marketing plan, Summit Hearing Solutions has been able to connect with their target audience and raise awareness about their services with the general public. Through their “reconnect” message and relevant market positioning, they have created new interest in their services.