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“Nichols has done so much with us for so long. You might say they know our brand better than we do.”
Tommy Scruggs, SDI Flat Roll Group General Manager Sales & Marketing
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The Story

A partnership that works — 20 years and counting.

A creative engagement lasting 20 years is almost unheard of these days. But the relationship Nichols has built with Steel Dynamics has never exactly fit the usual mold. An initial assignment for an annual report has grown into a true partnership built on trust that encompasses an ever-expanding range of projects.

SDI has grown to become the fourth largest domestic steel producer and metals recycler in the U.S. In the more than 20 years Nichols has been working with SDI, we’ve produced just

about every type of marketing piece imaginable for SDI, including annual reports, “How It’s Made” and employee orientation videos, sales collateral, employee magazines, trade show exhibits and more – all while staying true to SDI’s brand, voice and vision.

The latest projects include “My Brother’s Keeper” videos, which were shot at a mill and focus on safety, an innovative mailer that literally put an entertaining and attention-getting video right in the hands of recipients, and implementation of a strategic social media plan.

The Relationship Today

Nichols has been a true partner with SDI through tremendous growth, changing leadership and industry unrest, all while creating a body of work that presents a clear and consistent story to customers, vendors, employees, the local community and the industry as a whole.



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