Lutheran Life Villages

Case Study


After almost 80 years of providing retirement living services in the Fort Wayne and Allen County communities, Lutheran Life Villages—then Lutheran Homes—was looking for a better way to connect with modern audiences. They came to us with two major goals: identifying with the rising swell of future retirees and positioning themselves for future growth in the ever-expanding retirement living market.


Before we could create a new identity that would resonate with up-and-coming retirees in the community, we had to discover the Lutheran Life Villages brand story. Through a series of focus groups as a primary research method, we helped them retire their former name, Lutheran Homes, and replace it with a more upbeat moniker and brand positioning statement: Lutheran Life Villages, A Better Way of Living, testing the new identity against other options among several target groups.

Next, we developed a complete identity package that communicated the Lutheran Life Villages story to potential clients, as well as the public in general. Finally, we created a strategic brand awareness campaign that connected Lutheran Life Villages with its target audience in inspiring and compelling ways.


At the beginning of our partnership, Lutheran Life Villages was struggling to stay afloat in all capacities. Through a series of TV, radio, newspaper, and billboard ads, along with a revamped website and public relations campaign, we were able to bring Lutheran Life Villages into the modern era in a way that resonated with its target audiences, as well as the public in general. Thanks to our marketing efforts, in conjunction with the Lutheran Life Villages sales team, they were able to increase their market share within the ever-increasing aging population, filling a brand-new retirement-living community they built on the north side of Fort Wayne. A second targeted community surpassed pre-sale unit goals.

A better way of living, coupled with our better way of marketing, revitalized a once-struggling retirement community, turning it into a thriving senior living center with multiple locations throughout the greater Fort Wayne and Allen County communities.