Case Study

Our client, Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology had been leading national clinical trials for years, working to find new, innovative and effective ways to treat cancer. In fact, FWMOH has quietly and consistently led more clinical trials than anyone else in the region. Recently, they made a strategic decision to strengthen their identity, making more of a name for themselves in order to help bring about even greater strides in oncology research. The new name would also help differentiate them from local new-comers to clinical research.


This led to the creation of Inventa, the clinical research division of Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology. Nichols led the branding process, developing a name, logo and crafting the Inventa story. The twist was introducing a new name to an existing team with a long history of cutting-edge clinical trials.


Nichols took it to the next level with a successful brand launch. Nichols pulled all the pieces together for an unveiling that featured a prominent breast cancer specialist. This gave Inventa increased exposure, greater credibility and, ultimately, helped Inventa expand to larger clinical trials.