Indiana Non-Public Education Association

Case Study

Indiana Non-Public Education Association serves as the voice of the 96,000 students and 7,700 teachers of Indiana’s 400 private and parochial schools.


INPEA’s voice was getting drowned out by well-organized special interest groups that lobbied exclusively for public schools, and saw all others as a threat. Nichols helped INPEA defend the reputation of its schools in a variety of ways, including rallies and other public events, press releases, letters to editors, op-ed essays, infographics and more.


Nichols redesigned the INPEA website to make it more user-friendly and modern with a focus on storytelling. We emphasized success stories of students and families who rely on non-public education, which were getting lost in the fray. The new website serves as an effective resource for parents, educators, voters and the general public who are interested in real facts about non-public schools. Nichols also created a unique Legislative Toolkit for schools to help citizens express their views and concerns to legislators.