Case Study


When Brightpoint—then CANI—was approaching their 50th anniversary of removing the causes and conditions of poverty in northeast Indiana, they were concerned that the CANI name was creating more confusion than clarity about their vital work within the community. They needed help exploring public perceptions and developing a new brand identity that would connect with clients and funders alike.


The first step in our rebranding process was an extensive brand assessment, involving several interviews with staff, board members, and community leaders in order to determine public perceptions about the agency’s services, community position, and visual identity. This research confirmed Brightpoint’s concerns that the CANI name had ceased to be effective within these market segments. Taking what we learned about the agency’s work and public perceptions about the brand, we created a complete new visual identity, name, and brand positioning statement that better communicated Brightpoint’s true identity.

We then set to work communicating this new identity to staff, funders, and the public at large through internal and external branding work and a completely new website and URL, social media, and a print, radio, billboard, and public relations campaign leading up to the big public reveal and 50th anniversary celebration. A revitalized newsletter and all-new brochures wrapped up this extensive rebranding process and paved the way for a strong future partnership with this large non-profit agency.


By all accounts, the rebranding effort was a huge success, as measured by the strong positive response within the community and coverage by the press. The overall campaign took what could have been a small anniversary celebration and turned it into an opportunity to create renewed interest in Brightpoint’s work by building community excitement over a complete new brand, positioning the agency for further growth and increased financial support.