Time for a Brand Checkup

Jan 23, 2019 - Matt Klein

Everyone talks about branding and we’re sure you can recognize your company’s brand. But, if someone asked you to define it, could you do it? That should get you thinking. Your brand represents your company’s personality and the promise you’re making to your customers. However, just like people grow and (hopefully) mature over the years, so should a brand. That’s why it’s important to do a brand audit.

Think of a brand audit as a checkup for your brand. The idea is to review everything that’s present in your communications – logo, tag line, signature graphics, company colors, the tone of voice in messaging, etc. In the day-to-day of doing business, it’s easy to overlook your company’s tone of voice. But, think of Lexus, Mercedes Benz or Nike commercials. They all feature a developed tone of voice that is unique to that brand and that strikes a chord.

So, in the checkup, all those parts of your brand communications are reviewed to make sure they still represent your company, taking into account such things as growth, changes in focus or services and simple modernization.

For example, we’re working with a company that specializes in commercial kitchen cooking equipment. They started as a maverick outsider that defied convention – but that was 25 years ago. While they haven’t lost their competitive edge and continue to shake things up with innovative products, they have grown to become an industry leader. In fact, companies such as In-n-Out Burgers, Universal Studios, Facebook, and others rely on their equipment every day.

It was certainly time for a brand audit. The Nichols team reviewed all their marketing materials. We made recommendations on what should change and why. Then we were able to come up with a fresh look and a refined voice that struck a balance between their existing reputation as mavericks and their current presence as one of the top manufacturers in the industry. We unveil the entire new look soon!

A brand audit is no small undertaking but it is necessary to ensure that you are continuing to accurately communicate your promise to your clients. Sometimes major changes are required and other times only small refinements are necessary. Either way, it’s important to keep your brand running smoothly with regular check-ups.