Advertising Awards: What Wins and How to Apply

May 07, 2019 - Ryan Black

This week, the team at Nichols won a Healthcare Advertising Award from the Thirty-Sixth Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards for our work with Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology. Our work solved a pressing issue that many practices and local health systems face today: how to compete when a large healthcare provider begins to offer the same services as you.

With 52 Awards presented to Nichols over the last decade, we know a thing or two about earning marketing and advertising awards that help us get noticed and ensure happy clients.

Advertising Awards are Won by Content that Makes an Impact

Before you consider applying for marketing or advertising awards, it’s critical to understand the goals of your marketing campaigns: where are you now, where would you like to go, and what challenges do you need to overcome?

For Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology, a great reputation wasn’t enough. They needed content that allowed them to stand apart from the large health system they were suddenly competing with. That meant going all-in to create a strong digital identity.

Great Digital Content = Advertising Awards Success

To help FWMOH overcome their challenges, we started with updates to their social media profiles. Old profile pics and cover photos were switched out for newer, higher quality images.

We produced a new website, planned and created social media content, and developed smart tools to explain the real advantages they offer relative to their new competition. The results were resounding, with the campaign earning over 60,000 engagements in its introductory phase on social media.


Applying for Advertising Awards

There are numerous Advertising Award opportunities at the local, regional, and national levels. To find these award opportunities you should subscribe to publications that focus on your niche market, such as healthcare marketing, or even something broader like the American Advertising Federation. This will help you find the right award opportunities as soon as the applications open.

Of course, you don’t want to submit just any project. Be strategic and objective when reviewing your options. Did the campaign results meet or exceed expectations? Did the creative match the objectives? Does this project represent your organization in the best possible light? Does the project align with the award requirements? If you answered yes to all of the above, then you found your submission. Go through the steps online, pay the submission fee, and you’re set! It’s in the judges’ hands from there.

Prove Experience with Case Studies

To increase your chances of winning advertising awards, it’s important to choose a marketing agency with ample experience in your niche. And that experience should be obvious. At Nichols, we’ve worked with healthcare clients for fifteen-plus years, and have case studies that showcase that experience.

When your organization finds success on a client campaign, you should share those successes. Before hiring any agency or marketing firm, be sure to review their case studies to make sure they produce the type of content you need and have ample experience in your niche or vertical.

With the right combination of ad agency and proven experience, it won’t be long before you, too, will be taking home prestigious advertising awards.