Making Storytelling Personal

Dec 12, 2019 - Matt Klein

The bigger, better deal or thing is a huge part of any industry and healthcare is no different. 

Hospitals often promote their newest advanced piece of technology, i.e. robotic surgery or advanced genomic testing, or their newest multi-million dollar facility offering all the latest in modern patient care. While all these things are beneficial for the patient care, healthcare marketing shouldn't lose focus on what is at the center of healthcare, a relationship. 

Medical care is incredibly personal. Doctors, nurses, and staff are dealing with an individual in often times their most vulnerable state. While showcasing expertise through advanced procedures and facilities helps to reassure patients that they will receive the best care possible, it is still that personal connection a patient has with the medical staff that is what matters most. 

It is the power of storytelling of an oncology practice that has been the leader in cancer care and clinical trial research but showcased through the individual care given to each patient. It is helping an independent clinic educate patients that they have a choice in their medical care and they don't need to be forced through a system. The ability to find the balance of promoting the greatest and newest in proportion to the personal care is what takes good marketing to great.